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All inclusive & Flexible packages
Reimbursement of flight tickets
Reimbursement of accommodation
Free airport transfers
Personal concierge and tour guide
Fast and highest quality prestigious service guarantee
Artistic smile design

How it works?

1. Contact
Get in touch - we will prepare an exclusive preliminary treatment plan within 48h
2. Package selection
Choose your package from a variety of options from basic to all inclusive or simply use our questionnaire and we will prepare a personalised package tailored to you
3. Arrival
Touch down in Warsaw, Poland – your personal driver will greet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation
4. Treatment
Begin your treatment – Meet our dental professionals
5. Sightseeing
Discover Warsaw- with your personal tour guide
6. Return home
Return home- after your return your personal consultant will be in touch with you in case you have any follow up questions. We will make sure you are well taken care of!

Watch a promotional video of UDentalGo. Get to know how the process looks like step by step.

Check how the medical procedures looks like and see our offices from the inside!

Only treatment
Our professionals will prepare a detailed treatment plan tailored especially to your needs and expectations
Treatment, flights and accomodation
*Minimal 2 night stay
  1. Detailed treatment plan that will benefit you and your smile best
  2. Organisation and booking of your travel to Warsaw, Poland
  3. Organisation and booking of the best and most comfortable accommodation for you (variety of options available; from a boutique hotel in the heart of Warsaw to an apart-hotel located just 20 meters from our clinic)
Basic Plus
Flights and treatment
  1. Detailed treatment plan that will benefit you and your smile best
  2. Organisation and booking of your travel to Warsaw, Poland
Mix & Match
An exclusive and unique package tailored especially for you
Based on the questionnaire, we will prepare a unique package for you within 24h
All inclusive
Treatment, flight, accommodation and personalised touristic attractions tailored to your preferences
  1. Detailed treatment plan that will benefit you and your smile best
  2. Organisation and booking of a flight
  3. Organisation and booking of the best and most comfortable accommodation for you, located right next to our clinic!
  4. Touristic attractions - Sight-seeing itinerary based on your personal preferences, prepared for you by your private tour-guide that will take you around Warsaw and show you some of our hidden gems!
Why Udentalgo
Our mission:
to connect clients with Uszyńscy Dental Clinic that provides affordable, fast and highest quality treatments
Boutique dentistry:
exclusive offer for the most demanding clients; one day, one patient, jeden doctor. Sterile, safe, comfortable, comprehensive, prestigious.
Personalized dentristry:
"made to measure." Adapted to your needs and the changed by the pandemic world...
Prosthetic laboratory on site.
The highest technical and aesthetic standard of our work.
Exclusive partnership with Polands best and biggest dental clinic chain
22 dental chairs in two locations .
Complex and coneptual bite raising work.
Artistic metamorphoses of smile.
Our mission
Our mission is to join medicine with art. Treating dentistry as a work of art. The philosophy of boutique dentistry is to provide the highest standard of service to the most demanding clients. Our work is our manifest, the praise of beauty and quality.
Dear Patient!

Dear Patient! We plan complex treatments based on our principle of joing function with aesthetics. Together with you, we design your smile. Based on our original bite raising method, we design and execute all prosthetic works in our prosthetic laboratory.

We know no limits in achieving our artistic vision of bite reconstruction and creating a new quality – the architecture of smile! We base our work on the highly emphasised by us manual skill, experience and imagination, in conjugtion with all available to us technology of the future – digital dentistry.

If you would like to know the basics of our work, we will reveal to you all our secrets. We are exclusively working for you and will make ourserves available to you at any time. We ensure you – you will not get bored with us.

Warm greetings,

Cezary Uszyński

Dorota Żochowska – Uszyńska
Uszyńscy Dental Clinic

Your safety
is our priority

To ensure your safety:

  • We have introduced a number of restrictive procedures regarding the preparation of equipment, offices and personnel before the treatments
  • We ensure the availability ofcoronavirus TESTS for every patient
  • All our medical staff are verified with tests
  • Our doctors work exclusively for us
  • We have professional protective equipment produced in Sweden. All elements are either sterile or disposable
  • Doctors’ offices are fully disinfected and professionally ventilated (ventilation adapted to the requirements of the operating block)
  • We work exclusively with the individual patient all day long, with appropriate, tailored and pleasant breaks
  • The building is equipped with an automatic gate with temperature measurement and hand disinfection
  • Patients must complete a medical questionnaire
Chill out

Right at the doorstep you will immerse yourself in the club atmosphere of a loft interior, saturated with the smell of strong coffee served in designer porcelain … During the break you will listen to music, read a book or magazine, visit our art gallery … Perhaps you will see the current exhibition and something will inspire you … Or you can simply lie down on a sunbed in our garden. It only takes one step …

One thing is for sure: YOU WILL FORGET THAT YOU ARE AT A DENTIST! You will come out smiling! Give yourself LUXURY. The luxury of artistic work in exceptional conditions. In unique interiors. Treat yourself to the luxury of interacting with art and design in the extraordinary atmosphere of the tsarist barracks from the turn of the century, which were subsequently restored by us. Treat yourself to the luxury of not taking care of yourself and not planning. We’ll take care of everything. WE will lead you by the hand …

An exclusive partnership with the largest and best network of dental clinics in Poland – 22 dentist chairs in two central locations. 20 years of experience in providing worldclass service of the highest quality.

Uszynscy Dental Clinic is the owner of the prosthetic laboratory Uszynscy Lab – The team of the prosthetic laboratory consists of over a dozen dental technicians. In the interests of the highest quality of services, we provide consultations between a technician and a doctor at every stage of work with the patient. The studio offers a full range of prosthetic services. Thanks to continuous training and expanding knowledge at the artistic and master level in Poland and abroad, we achieve the highest technical and aesthetic level of our works. Thanks to the cooperation of the patient with the doctor and technician in one place, we guarantee the highest quality service in the shortest period of time.

Save up to 70%!

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Smile makeover
from 3 250 EUR

Price includes:

  • ConsultaTon
  • 6 Emax veneers or 6 Zirconium crowns
  • Laser Teeth whitening
Teeth in 48h
4 or 6 implants plus provisional bridge
from 5 720 EUR

Price includes:

  • 4 implants
  • Temporary bridge
  • ConsultaTon & treatment plan
  • X-ray
  • Teeth extraction
Acrylic bridge on implants
4 implants + Provisional bridge + Metal & Acrylic permanent bridge
from 6 280 EUR

Price includes:

  • 4 implants
  • Temporary bridge
  • Metal & Acrylic permanent bridge
  • Consultation & treatment plan
  • X-ray
  • Teeth extraction
Bridge on implants - porcelain on metal
4/6 implants + Fixed Provisional bridge + Metal fused to ceramics permanent bridge
from 6 860 EUR

Price includes:

  • 4-6 implants
    (depends on a case)
  • Fixed Temporary bridge
  • Metal fused to ceramics permanent bridge
  • ConsultaTon & treatment plan
  • X-ray
  • Teeth extraction
Zirconium bridge on implants
4/6 implants + Fixed Provisional bridge + Zirconium metal free permanent bridge
from 11 400 EUR

Price includes:

  • 4-6 implants
    (depends on a case)
  • Fixed Temporary bridge
  • Zirconium metal free permanent bridge
  • Consultation & treatment plan
  • X-ray
  • Teeth extraction
Crown on implant zirconium from 700 EUR
Zirconium crown from 470 EUR
Implant from 650 EUR
Porcelain crown Co-Cr from 255 EUR
Root canal treatment from 165 EUR
Premium implant Straumann from 820 EUR
Implant ICX from 650 EUR
Porcelain onlay from 460 EUR
Porcelain veneer Emax from 510 EUR
All-on-4 from 4 560 EUR
All-on-6 from 5 500 EUR
Magda Bogatko
Artur Błoński
Dentist - endodontist
Aleksandra Dąbrowska
Dentist - orthodontist
Why is it worth visiting Warsaw?
An exclusive tour of the best attractions of Warsaw
Food and wine
Exclusive trip with your private tour guide to places such as:
Old Town UNESCO Heritage
Royal castle
Wilanow palace
Lazienki park (Chopin concerts May-September)
Polin Museum
Museum of the Warsaw Uprising
If you have any questions, please contact us: